Investment for QED CompliFast

QED CompliFast is a quarterly compliance program - it monitors different areas of your business each quarter, so it's not overwhelming! QED CompliFast is fast and easy to use with just 4 simple steps:

Brokers can easily access QED CompliFast for just $57.00 + GST per month.

At QED CompliFast we have relationships with many aggregators and have secured preferred pricing ranging from as little as $50 + GST per month.

When you join QED CompliFast, you simply select your aggregator and you will receive the pricing for the group. If you have any queries about your aggregator pricing please call us on 1300 817 662.

For the price of a couple of beers a week, have your ACL compliance sorted with QED CompliFast.

Do you have Credit Reps?

QED CompliFastReps is an extension of our industry-leading QED CompliFast, the only complete self audit tool available for Credit Licensees, which carries our 100% ASIC-free guarantee†.
Credit Reps are required to perform their own self-audit every three months covering all their NCCP obligations to their licensee. These results are scored and the results are able to be viewed by the licensee on YOUR QED CompliFastReps dashboard. This dashboard reporting allows you to view all your Credit Reps in one place and see at a glance where there are any particular trouble spots.

To find out more please call us on 1300 817 662.

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