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Step 2: Assessment

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Step 2: Assessment

Once you have read the QED CompliFast Quarterly Information Pack, you simply log in to QED CompliFast and complete the quarterly questionnaire.

The assessment questionnaire has a series of questions each quarter that address the general conduct obligations of a Licensee. A Licensee is required to select an answer from a pre-determined range of answers for each question (no writing required!). Each quarter the questions change to reflect NCCP updates and the types of risks in your business. For example:  High risks are tested every quarter, medium risks every 6 months and low risks every 12 months.

When you have completed your questionnaire, you just click ‘Save’ and ‘Submit”. QED CompliFast will generate a report for you from the questions your answered. The report will then be available for you to read and take actions required to maintain your NCCP compliance. Simple!

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