Why Choose CompliFast

QED CompliFast is the only on-line compliance tool specifically designed for brokers, that covers all of a Licensee's obligations under the NCCP Act, not just Responsible Lending. QED CompliFast is easy to use and really saves you time. You don't need to think about whether you are covering all areas, as the program does this for you. It allows brokers more time to write business, rather than being concerned about compliance.

At QED CompliFast, we believe that our main point of difference is we provide simplified solutions to problems that the rest of the industry tends to overcomplicate. We recognise that compliance is useless if it's not commercially viable, but also that legal-talk will not assist the average broker in knowing what they need to do. And all of this is done at a price-point that QED knows brokers can realistically afford and link to their own income.

In addition, in the wider community, we donate 1% of all revenue receipts to Habitat for Humanity India, a charity organisation that provides shelter to the disadvantaged and homeless in India. To date, QED has housed over 41,000 people through this programme.

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