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  • Online compliance management and support
  • 100% NCCP Compliance with CompliFast
  • Breach reporting management
  • Independent File Audits
  • Gain 8 CPD Hours per year
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Thousands of brokers and major aggregators trust CompliFast to manage their NCCP compliance

CompliFast is the only system that manages Responsible Lending/BID and   
General Conduct Obligations

General Conduct Obligations

CompliFast is the only online compliance tool specifically designed for ACL Holders, covering all of a Licensee's obligations under the NCCP Act (2009). CompliFast is a live program; constantly updated with revised requirements and changes in legislation, so you can complete your Annual Compliance Certificate (CL50) with certainty.


Lodging Breach Reports

Credit Licensees now have an obligation to report breaches to ASIC in certain situations. If a breach is reportable and you don't report it, you may be fined or face jail time.For significant breaches that occurred on or after 1 October 2021, ASIC must be notified through the ASIC Regulatory Portal within 30 calendar days after you become aware.


Independent File Auditing

With Lenders applying pressure on aggregators to ensure their ACL holders are compliant with RG273, there is an onus on brokers to demonstrate their compliance - an easy wat to do this is to have your loan files independently reviewed on a regular basis.


Manage All your NCCP Compliance with CompliFast for just $62.00 per month

How CompliFast Works - the Process


1. Education

Read your quarterly information pack to use as a guide before you start your compliance monitoring, a simple read before you start. more


2. Assessment

Quarterly questionnaires to complete an overall assessment of your business regularly, which ASIC expects. more

3. Feedback

Professional and personalised compliance reports with recommended corrective action plans for compliance breaches.

Easy access

4. Easy Access

We keep your reports safe and secure. Access your reports at anytime through your secure login. more

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"I had a couple of calls today with May. Both during and after the call, I reflected on the service that QED provides and the people I've dealt with who deliver your services. I've dealt with Leanne, Lou, and May. You are all awesome at your jobs! Even though we live in modern times with many productivity and customer service support tools, I find it incredulous just how hard it is to get any sort of decent service! I find QED to be dynamic and reliable. Keep up the good work. And, thank you."
Boomer Home Loans

"I like the CompliFast team's customer service - helping in anyway you can. Thankyou!"
Finance Zone

"CompliFast is easy to use and make compliance an overall breeze."
Mortgage House

"You guys did amazing in training, especially with our Reps"

"I had no idea what CompliFast was and after a training session, their customer service and knowledge is out of this world. Thanks for always checking in and always being readily available whenever I needs to call."
Complex Loans

"Thankyou for always being readily happy and available to help out no matter what the issue."
Kassar Financial Services

"You have gone above and beyond by actually taking the time with me and confirming my understanding of the procedures and protocols without just trying to rush me off the phone which is very rare and you have made me more then happy and I am forever thankful."
Australia Imperial Financial Services

"I've been with QED CompliFast for some time now and when QED helped me with an ASIC audit, I was very happy with their professionalism and helpfulness. CompliFast takes away the focus of compliance so we can focus on business! The CompliFast quarterly test is very effective to help us ensure that our compliance is on track which is really helpful. QED has a unique spot in the market to help brokers and you can seek their professional opinion when you have issues and nowhere to turn to. I highly recommend QED and CompliFast to other brokers."
Simon Cai
C Loans, Victoria

"Thanks for the updates and info, they are good triggers and we genuinely do love the program"
Mortgage Broker QLD

"The CompliFast report is invaluable in helping me understand where our shortfall lies in our first year of business."
Mortgage Broker QLD

"I'd like to compliment QED for the excellent support I've got so far. Under the fast changing environment, I felt a lot more comfortable with QED behind us. I have always been pleased with the quick response I received, your professionalism and willingness to help exceeded my expectations. You can be sure that I will keep being with you and I will definitely recommend you to my other business partners."
Lodestone Capital Group

"I can already see so much value in utilising QED's services."
Melbourne Mortgage Broker

"CompliFast really lifts the burden of compliance and is an easy to use process!"
Think Mortgages

"CompliFast is not hard! You just need to read your quarterly information pack and go through your obligations in an easy questionnaire. The support is great with an opportunity to ask questions and get help."
NASH Finance, Victoria

""CompliFast is great! As a one-man band with no business partners or support staff it keeps me accountable and gives me time to work on the business. CompliFast is a friendly reminder that you need to spend adequate time working on the business as much as in the business!""
Dynamic Loans SA

"I'm glad I came across this software. I was thinking that there has to be an easier way to do compliance and CompliFast is just what I was looking for. My License is worth a lot to me and CompliFast gives me peace of mind."
Wize FInance, SA

"For a small business, when it's easy to be focused on day to day activities and push aside higher level dealings, CompliFast enables you to refocus on these elements. 'If you're concerned about individual trees all the time, you won't focus on the forest', but CompliFast helps you to do this easily."
Scott Smith
Cairns Finance

"The CompliFast system is very user friendly, and the CompliFast team also provide definitions and guidance to complete reports quickly and accurately. A good system with good support."
John Tindall
Accumulus Home Loans, NSW

"You know what I like about your company? 1 - The fact that you communicate so clearly; 2 - that you are truly a leader" you had no reason to write this, yet you took it upon yourselves to provide thoughts and ideas without any need for a reward" which places you in a position of providing more relevance that virtually any other provider in the market" aggregators included; 3 - The thought that goes into your comments shows that it has been considered. Please keep up the good work."
Troy McErvale
Freedom Home Loans

"CompliFast allows me to stay on track of the complexity of compliance. It has the right structure to prompt for right actions at the right time, and I don't need to schedule them myself. CompliFast staff are helpful, knowledgeable and ready to assist at call."
Anton Vdovin
Proper Finance Solutions, VIC


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