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Shadow shopping of Brokers

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Shadow shopping of Brokers


May 26, 2015 03:36pm | NCCP News | Bobby Woon

Following on from the recently published “shadow shop” exercise undertaken by Choice magazine and the MFAA-commissioned Ernst & Young consumer survey, recent experiences by two of QED’s clients may have been an indication that ASIC is also conducting its own mystery shopping exercise.  One brokers was contacted by a prospective “client” who asked in-depth and unusually technical questions about information provided in the broker’s Credit Guide.  In another instance, a potential client rang up another broker’s office multiple times, asking to speak to a different broker each time with the same scenario.  In both cases, despite having been provided careful and measured responses the “clients” did not contact the businesses again.


Not that any brokers we know should be afraid of mystery shoppers but it is worthwhile that we all know what may lurk in the shadows of the next phone call you take.  Take care!

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